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The Minute Physics Interactive Periodic Table of Awesome

Henry Reich and Jasper Palfree have created an amazing interactive version of the Periodic Table. As you change temperature, you can see the elements transition between different states of magnetism. You can also see at what temperatures an element changes state from solid to liquid to gas. There is even an option to display temperatures… Read more »

Bohemian Gravity

Timothy Blaise, from McGill University, put together this incredible cover of Bohemia Rhapsody, but rewrote the lyrics to explain his Master’s thesis on String Theory. The most awesome thing I have seen in a long time. Bonus points for puppet Einstein. You can buy the track on iTunes or Amazon.

Connection Doesn’t Work the Way You Think It Works

Rebecca Brightly: Traditionally, the lead is in charge of the entire structure of the dance. The lead must give the follow clear instructions. Traditionally, the follow has limited choices, and all choices must mesh with the lead’s instructions. First, the traditional definition is literally inaccurate. Of course you can dance that way. But the best… Read more »

I Charleston the World

The idea is simple–”make videos of you doing Charleston in front of famous places around the world… and share.” So far over two-dozen videos have been submitted. This one from Berlin is my favourite. Excellent dancing and production values. UPDATE This video from Nashville, released today, gives the Berlin one a run for its money…. Read more »

Canon develops amazing low-light sensor

Canon has just announced a new 35 mm full-frame sensor that is incredibly sensitive to low-light levels. The sensor does this in part by using large pixels (19×19 microns^2), which is about 7.5 times larger than the pixel size of their other cameras. Right now the sensor is optimized for full-HD video. Here is the… Read more »

Grammar that!

Brilliant takedown of a grammar jerk in the comments at Ars Technica. User Kikjou writes: “Bacteria is plural of bacterium. Please use is correctly. The same goes for media and medium, which is not in this article but is often misused in scientific writing.” To which Ars Centurion Okton responds: In Latin maybe. And the… Read more »

Nature acquires open access publisher Frontiers

Nature, the scientific publishing behemoth, has acquired the upstart open-access publisher Frontiers. It will be interesting to see how this will shake out; will Nature publications move towards a more open access model, or will Frontiers shift to a more traditional model? Scientific publishing is big business. From the Economist article: Outsell, a consultancy, estimates… Read more »