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When Russian meteors attack

It appears a huge meteor has just struck somewhere over Russia. Phil Plait is posting frequent updates over twitter. What is amazing is how many cameras seem to have caught the entry, and subsequent breakup, of the meteor. In Russia most cars have dashboard cameras installed to collect evidence in case of accidents. There are… Read more »

A levitating Eiffel Tower

Julien Bobroff, a French physicist who is heavily involved in science outreach, has been coming up with clever ways of exploring the boundary between art and science using superconductivity. Check out his outreach site for some clever videos, craft projects, and animations that deal with a range of quantum behaviour. I particularly like his collaboration… Read more »

Chris Hadfield’s space photography

Chris Hadfield, the Canadian commander on the International Space Station, has been posting breathtaking pictures of the Earth from space. His Twitter feed is a must follow.

An HTML5 Christmas

Codeacademy has some great HTML5 cards along with the HTML/CSS code to implement them. To implement the custom CSS, I used the WordPress plugin Specific CSS/JS for Posts and Pages to load the code only on the pages where the card is displayed.

The Myth of the Well-Rounded Scientist

Adam Ruben writes about the attitude in academia that a moment not spent in the lab is a moment wasted. My outside interest during grad school—my “Batman job,” as a grad student from Case Western Reserve University called it last month—was stand-up comedy. (I quickly learned that audiences in downtown Baltimore aren’t fans of math… Read more »

Avalanche at Tunnel Creek

A gripping tale of an avalanche that overwhelmed some of the best backcountry skiers in the world. There is a lot of interesting science in this article about how avalanches form that is expertly interwoven with the human drama that unfolds. This story took six months to write and it shows. One of the best… Read more »