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Bohemian Gravity

Timothy Blaise, from McGill University, put together this incredible cover of Bohemia Rhapsody, but rewrote the lyrics to explain his Master’s thesis on String Theory. The most awesome thing I have seen in a long time. Bonus points for puppet Einstein. You can buy the track on iTunes or Amazon.

An HTML5 Christmas

Codeacademy has some great HTML5 cards along with the HTML/CSS code to implement them. To implement the custom CSS, I used the WordPress plugin Specific CSS/JS for Posts and Pages to load the code only on the pages where the card is displayed.

Beautiful LOTR statistics and graphs

With the release of The Hobbit in a few days, I found this beautiful–detailed–look at population statistics of Middle Earth timely. Emil Johanssen has created some fascinating interactive charts detailing population, age, genalogical trees, and the routes and distances various characters take in the books.

GoldieBlox: Engineering toys for girls

Debbie Sterling decided it was time to make engineering toys that appeal to girls, so she founded a new kind of toy company called GoldieBlox. Her Kickstarter campaign was fully funded in 5 days. This observation of hers struck me: How do you get girls to like a construction toys? It all came down to… Read more »

99 problems but Mitt ain’t one

I have a dream. Well I have a drone. Blown away by this remix of Jay Z’s “99 Problems.” I love the new fourth amendement verse. Also see “Will the real Mitt Romney please stand up” and Barack Obama singing LMFAO’s “Sexy and I know it.”