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The dark core of dark matter

Dark Matter Evidence from Nasa

The link above is an interview I did for CTV’s National Affairs on a new result that could change our understanding of dark matter. Previous evidence points to dark matter not being able to interact with other dark (or regular) matter except weakly through gravity. Researchers at UBC took a look at a “cosmic train… Read more »

Talking about invisibility cloaks on CTV’s National Affairs program

I was interviewed this afternoon for CTV’s National Affairs about recent work that has been done (not by me) at Cornell University building an invisibility cloak in time. The interview was cut short due to a last minute addition of a cabinet minister, so I didn’t get to use my Moses analogy. Next time.

The Power of the Printed Press

Quantum Potter: Front page story of the Waterloo Record

Last week two different articles ran in local newspapers promoting the upcoming Quantum Physics & Harry Potter show. The first was a story by Marshall Ward for the Waterloo Chronicle. The second was a front page cover story by Greg Mercer of the Waterloo Record. Within an hour of the front page story in the… Read more »

The Double-Slit Rap Hits Youtube

I was wondering how long it would take someone to turn Mitch Benn’s Double-slit rap about our experiment into a Youtube video. Apparently not long at all. Here it is below. Maybe I’ll take a crack at turning it into a Youtube video someday.