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Bohemian Gravity

Timothy Blaise, from McGill University, put together this incredible cover of Bohemia Rhapsody, but rewrote the lyrics to explain his Master’s thesis on String Theory. The most awesome thing I have seen in a long time. Bonus points for puppet Einstein. You can buy the track on iTunes or Amazon.

The blackhole firewall paradox

Excellent overview by Jennifer Ouellette of a new paradox that is taking the physics world by fire. I first heard about this a month ago from Patrick Hayden. It looks like this could turn into one of the great thought experiments that tackles the difficulties merging quantum mechanics and general relativity. Paradoxes in physics have… Read more »

Entangling three photons in energy and time

Photon Triplet Counts

Our latest paper, on which I was the lead author, has just been published in Nature Physics. I am working with Jasper Palfree to develop a comprehensive page that explains the work. Unfortunately, that is not ready yet. In the mean time, here is the official press release: Extending Einstein Researchers at the University of… Read more »

The CIA and Jeff Bezos Bet on Quantum Computing

A 30 million dollar bet. That’s a lot of money for D-Wave. It’s an attitude that seems to have played well with investors, but it still rankles academics. “At an engineering level they’ve put together a setup that’s impressive in various ways,” says Scott Aaronson, an MIT professor who studies the limits of quantum computation…. Read more »

Quantum cryptography: yesterday, today, and tomorrow

Chris Lee’s impressive overview of quantum cryptography. Arstechnica, to my mind, does the best science reporting on quantum mechanics. A real world example of the future of secure computation is found in the Danish sugar beet industry. All the sugar beets in Denmark are purchased by a single company. The farmers buy the rights to… Read more »

Silicon Qubits

Well done video providing an overview of the research. Here is the original paper in Nature. For a more general explanation of the research, here is an article from The Register. See also the University of New South Wales’s press release. Why is it that University press offices are loath to link to the original… Read more »

Quantum interpretations can make a difference

I stumbled upon this 2010 post by Chad Orzel talking about the many worlds interpretation to quantum mechanics. Chad has this to say about his general feelings towards the field of interpretations: My real view is, alas, kind of wishy-washy: I’m agnostic about quantum interpretations, mostly because as far as we know, they’re all meta-theories,… Read more »