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The dark core of dark matter

Dark Matter Evidence from Nasa

The link above is an interview I did for CTV’s National Affairs on a new result that could change our understanding of dark matter. Previous evidence points to dark matter not being able to interact with other dark (or regular) matter except weakly through gravity. Researchers at UBC took a look at a “cosmic train… Read more »

Talking about invisibility cloaks on CTV’s National Affairs program

I was interviewed this afternoon for CTV’s National Affairs about recent work that has been done (not by me) at Cornell University building an invisibility cloak in time. The interview was cut short due to a last minute addition of a cabinet minister, so I didn’t get to use my Moses analogy. Next time.

Speaking at TEDxWaterloo

TEDxWaterloo Logo

I have been invited to speak at TEDxWaterloo this coming March. Last year event was inspirational. I am excited to take part in this conference, and have something special planned. It is good to see that one of my favourite musicians, Roberta Hunt, will also be performing at this event. Applications to attend this event… Read more »

Saved by the Bell’s Inequalities

httpv:// This summer I was asked to give a lecture at the Quantum Cryptography School for Young Students. Some of the brightest high school students from around the world gathered at the Institute for Quantum Computing (where I work) to learn about what we do. I spoke about Bell’s Inequalities, one of the fundamental ideas… Read more »